APHA's 2019 Get Ready Photo Contest —  and 2020 preparedness calendar!

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Congrats to our winners!

Wow! You really, really love animal photos. Luckily, so do we. Our team of Get Ready judges had a great time reviewing all the amazing photos you submitted —  all 500 of them.

Congratulations to Michele Blake, Daniel Brown, Charlene Cariou, Jacqueline Cellini, Lauren Haggerty, Kelsey Hustedt, Jessica Kulak, Sarah Lopatka, Aretha Miller, Annie Nguyen, Anna Ojczy, Kayla Parker, Kathleen Richter, Anna Sachs, Jovan Shepherd, Annette Wilk and Pam Willow!

Download your copy of the calendar now!

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See our FAQs page for official contest submission info and our rules page for the legal stuff. Email us if you have questions.