How to stay safe from diseases spread by mosquitoes



mosquitoMosquitoes are more than just a nuisance. They can also spread diseases like West Nile virus, dengue and Zika. Luckily, with a few steps, you can fight the bite and help protect your family.

The best way to protect yourself from mosquito-borne disease is to take precautions against mosquito bites. Use insect repellent when outdoors and make sure it contains DEET.

When possible, wear clothing that fully covers your arms, legs and feet. Install screens on the windows in your home and repair screens with rips or tears. And avoid outdoor activities during peak mosquito hours.

For more information on risks and prevention, read our fact sheets. Share them with your friends, family and community.


Mosquitoes fact sheet

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Dengue fact sheet



Power outages fact sheet

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