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snow dog

Get your Ready, Pet, Go! Get Ready Calendar from APHA

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos to APHA’s Ready, Pet, Go! Get Ready Photo Contest. We received so many fantastic, adorable photos that it was hard to pick the winners for our calendar.

Check out our gallery of photos

Check out the winning photos and see other submissions in our photo gallery! Download your free copy of the calendar below.

snow dog

2016 calendar featuring the winners is now available

APHA's Ready, Pet, Go! Get Ready Calendar is now available online for free! Featuring adorable animals and preparedness tips, the calendar makes a great addition to your bulletin board, office wall or refrigerator. Get your copy and print one to share!

Download and print your copy today.


July 2015 features a photo of an iguana by Jamie Truax

Need more cuteness to tide you over 'til next year? Check out photos from past rounds of the Get Ready Photo Contest, featuring cats, dogs and babies.

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Snow dog photo by Charles Holmes, cat by Judi Doherty. Photos lower right courtesy Kelsey Wahowiak, Michele Late and Katie Redmond.

Photo gallery

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Photo gallery: Check out our gallery of preparedness animal photos to see sample photos.

Be prepared! Learn how

Preparedness is important for you, your family and your community. Yet many people aren't ready for disasters.

Luckily, APHA's Get Ready campaign is here to help! We have information to help you prepare for a range of emergencies — from floods to disease outbreaks.

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Take a look at photos that were entered via Instagram with the #GetReadyPetGo hashtag.

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