Get Ready: Set Your Clocks, Check Your Stocks

Sample tweets to promote preparedness from Get Ready's Set Your Clocks, Check Your Stocks campaign

Spread the word via Twitter! Social media is a great way to let people know about the importance of replenishing or building a stockpile. Use these messages on your Twitter account, or create your own!


Use the clock change this Sunday as a reminder to check your emergency supplies! #clocksstocks @GetReady

Set Your Clocks, Check Your Stocks this Sunday! Free materials from APHA & @GetReady. Spread the word! #clocksstocks

Just a few days 'til we change our clocks! Don't forget to check your emergency supplies: #clocksstocks @GetReady

Help your friends & family be prepared! Tell them to check their stocks & set their clocks: #clocksstocks @GetReady

Remember to change your clocks last night? (Great!) Now check your emergency supplies & smoke alarms. #clocksstocks

Daylight saving time is here! Use that extra daylight to check your emergency supplies! #clocksstocks @GetReady

Don't be caught with leaky batteries or expired food during an emergency! Check your supplies! #clocksstocks

What do I need to have in my emergency supplies to be ready for a disaster? Free tips from APHA & @GetReady:

Fact: Batteries & other emergency supplies can go bad. Check that you have what you need! #clocksstocks @GetReady

Add your logo! Free fact sheets on emergency supplies from APHA's @GetReady (Spanish, too!) #clocksstocks

Not sure what you should have in your emergency supplies? Free checklist from APHA's @GetReady: #clocksstocks

Do you have enough water stored in case of a disaster? Find out how much you need and why from @GetReady (PDF)

Want to help your community be more prepared? Hold a food drive! Free toolkit from APHA's @GetReady tells how (PDF):

Is Fluffy or Fido ready for a disaster? @GetReady fact sheet tells you how to prepare your pets (PDF):

Hey, teens! Preparedness makes a great community service project. Find out how from @GetReady (PDF):


Free fact sheets and materials
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