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Get your Get Ready 2014 Pup-Preparedness Calendar

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos to APHA’s 2013 Get Ready Pup-Preparedness Photo Contest! We received so many fantastic, adorable photos that it was hard to pick the winners for our calendar.

Check out our gallery of dog photos

Check out the winning photos and see other submissions in our dog photo gallery! Download your free copy of the calendar below.

Preview of winning photos


2014 calendar featuring the winners is now available

The Get Ready 2014 Pup-Preparedness Calendar is now available online for free! Featuring cute dogs and preparedness tips, the calendar makes a great addition to your bulletin board, office wall or refrigerator. Get your copy and print one to share!

and print your copy today.

Download the 2014 calendar

October 2014 features a photo of Schwanson by Lili McDonald

Uh-oh! We had an oopsie!

Unfortunately, in our excitement to get the calendar published in the fall there were a few mistakes on the dates. But don't blame our doggies! This accident was all our fault. The June, July and December dates have been corrected as of March 2014. If you want a corrected copy, you can download the whole calendar again, or just the dates for those three months.


Congratulations to our winning photographers

Congratulations to our 17 photographers: Ashell Alston, photo of Brown; Patricia Baltasar, photo of Buddy; Patrick Benko, photo of Sadie; Charlene Bright, photo of Kennedy; Christopher Chadwick, photo of Gizmo; Asher Grady, photo of Lucas; Amy Hueber, photo of Calvin; Katy Krings, photo of Trinity and Neo; Dan and Vivian Liberti, photo of Ansel Wolfgang; Chris Mangal, photo of Argos; Raed Mansour, photo of Chance; Sarah Marikos, photo of Giacoma; Lili McDonald, photo of Schwanson; Nolan Patal, photo of Rani; Susan Polan, photo of Tally; Michelle Sanborn, photo of Cooper; and Christie Yamazaki, photo of Julian.

Check out the winning photos and see other submissions in our dog photo gallery!

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Photo gallery

Visit our gallery of dog photos

Photo gallery: Check out our three-page gallery of preparedness dog photos to see the winning photos and browse the other submissions.

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Preparedness is important for you, your family and your community. Yet many people aren't ready for disasters.

Luckily, APHA's Get Ready campaign is here to help! We have information to help you prepare for a range of emergencies — from floods to disease outbreaks. We can help you build an emergency kit, teach your kids about preparedness or find out the best way to wash your hands!

(And, yes, we even have information for preparing your dogs and other pets for emergencies.) Find out how to get prepared now!


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