What is RSS?

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RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication and is a way to share news and information through the Internet. One problem with websites is that they often post new information, such as breaking news, but unless you check sites constantly, you might miss the updates. RSS creates a way for the information to be "pushed" to you, in a very straightforward text format, using a device called an RSS reader or aggregator.

How do I use the Get Ready feeds?
To use RSS feeds, you need a feed reader. Readers can be programs that download to your computer, or are Web-based. Some Internet browsers also support feeds. To add the feed, just copy the URL of one of the RSS feeds below to your reader. (Look for a button or link in your reader that says “add content” or “add feed.”) Headlines and new information from the Get Ready campaign will begin showing as soon as they are updated.

Get Ready RSS feeds (Copy and paste these URLs into your reader)

How often are your feeds updated?
You should receive new information from the feeds in your reader within 24 hours of when the source page is updated.

Why do I see code when I click on some RSS/XML buttons?
That is the actual code of the feed for your reader to interpret, and is not meant for you to read. To see the formatted information, copy the feed URL and add it to your reader.

Why does my browser download a file when I click on RSS buttons or feed URLs?
Some Web browsers will automatically prompt you on where you want to add your feed if you click on a feed URL. If your browser downloads a file instead (commonly on old versions of Explorer), yours is not one of them. Instead, copy the feed URL and add it to your reader