Preparedness Information for Children

Think about all the things you get ready for. You get ready for school by doing your homework. You get ready for a soccer game by going to practice. You get ready for the weekend by making plans with friends. And you get ready for a trip by packing extra clothes and your toothbrush.

You’re pretty good at getting ready. So, why not get ready for an emergency too? Getting ready for emergency before it happens is really important. The information on this page can help you be more prepared.

Kids and preparedness fact sheet: Information for kids on preparedness, written at child's level. (PDF) English or Spanish

Hand-washing facts for kids: An easy-to-read fact sheet for kids to read about hand-washing. (PDF) English or Spanish

Hand-washing facts for preschoolers: A simple, colorful fact sheet to read with young children. (PDF) English or Spanish

Family checklist: Help your family get ready for an emergency

A winter preparedness tale for kids: Anita's Story
This short story tells the tale of Anita, a young girl whose family is facing a winter storm. Read this preparedness story, (PDF) then answer the questions at the end to test what you learned!

Kids Guide to Preparing for Pandemic Flu: Information on pandemic flu for kids

Coloring Books

Dino the Dog's Preparedness Day Coloring Book (PDF)

Pepper the Prepper Cat Coloring Book (PDF)


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