Top 10 essential items for your emergency preparedness stockpile

There are many items you should have in your emergency preparedness stockpile. In fact, we have a long list of supplies that you should have on our Get Ready stockpiling checklist.

But if you don't have time, room or money to get them all, which items are most essential? Here are some of our top picks:

  1. Three-day supply of water, with one gallon of water per person per day
  2. Three-day supply of nonperishable food
  3. Manual can opener
  4. First-aid kit
  5. Radio
  6. Flashlight and lanterns
  7. Whistle to signal for help
  8. Prescription medication
  9. Battery-operated or solar cell phone charger
  10. COVID-19 supplies, including masks and hand sanitizer

American Public Health Association